Monday, May 26, 2008

Giving credit where credit is due - even if it hurts!

Hats off to Syracuse for their 10th national title in Lacrosse.

Having given my brother John and friend Joe nothing but grief for a while, I have to say the Orangemen won two big games this weekend.

Joe and I have a tradition, that on Memorial day, we go to up to a neighborhood bar and watch the lacrosse finals, regardless of who is playing. Well, this year Syracuse had a great season and went to the finals against Johns Hopkins.

I walked over to Joe's at 12:45 and when I walked in his only comment was 'would it have killed you to wear orange?'. In my defense, I did look for something orange and I don't own anything.

We grabbed a beer and walked up to the bar. We got there in plenty of time this year and watched the game. 3 dozen wings, 3 pitchers of beer and one spilled beer later, Syracuse had won and we were walking home.

A few comments on the game:
- 6 goals by one Hopkins player. Damn that was impressive
- the Hopkins goalie was incredible. I'll bet they'll be back in the championship next year
- the Orange mid-fielders played an incredible game
- once the Orangemen's goalie got into the game it was a great battle
- I know I booed Belichek when they showed him at the beginning of the game. Anyone else?

When does basketball season start again?

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ryssee said...

Ah that sounds like fun! I wish we had a neighborhood bar...that didn't have iron bars covering the windows.
The Chinese restaurant down the road just doesn't have the same feel.
Basketball starts after baseball season doesn't it? Don't wish away my short New England summer!!