Thursday, May 15, 2008

Daddy does what?

Slightly work related ;-)

These Playtex bra videos on YouTube have won a number of awards, and I sent the link home to Deb. (I know they won awards because they are an excellent use of video for online marketing without creating a :30 commercial). Really. This was for work.

So Deb is watching them and Courtney was with her. Courtney asked Deb what she was watching and Deb said 'this is what your father does at work'. She gave Deb a totally 10-year old look. So I had to explain ;-)

Joys of having 3 women in the house ...

Watch all of them, they are pretty funny.

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ryssee said...

We were all fit-testers at work for our sports bra development team. 15 girls (the 3 guys weren't allowed to attend.) It was fun to try teaching 30 male sales reps how to sell 'em.
Randy's company used YouTube for recruitment purposes. Lots of hits.
I get mad when I can't find something online and I have to use a telephone.