Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hat and Bats Ladies, Hats and Bats

We just got home from Courtney's end of season softball party. I was surprised to receive two nice cards from her coaches and the girls. This season I did the book (kept score) as well as being 'dugout dude' (or 'dugout dad' depending on which kid you asked) so they thanked me.

As I mentioned previously, this was our first season at this park and looking back, I think we made the right decision changing parks. Courtney had a great time, learned a lot and we met a lot of new, very nice people.

About the title of this post. As the girls would come off the field, I would start yelling 'hats and bats ladies, get your hats and bats' so the girls would get their batting helmets and bats. Nothing disrupts the rhythm of a hitting streak like a girl not being on deck or not ready when it is her turn to bat.

Of course, every girl told me they were 'helmets' not 'hats'. I'd reply with 'helmet and bat don't rhyme!'. The few games I missed I had the KIDS asking me why I wasn't there.

Deb thinks I liked doing that so I could yell during the games and not be 'one of those parents'. I really did it because it would allow the coaches to focus on the game instead of whether the girls were ready. I also got to cheer a lot and be objective when the coaches were going nuts (plus I enjoyed showing the pitchers how they did each inning. For a girl who walked in a bunch of runs, showing how she got 2 strikes on each batter before the walk was important instead of focusing on the walk)

The coaches read from the story last weekend about the Central Washington University vs. Western Oregon championship game. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read this and share it with your kids. (video here). They thanked the girls for being good sports despite problems with one team in particular and reinforced that this is a game to be fun.

I'll rant about the team we had 'issues' with later ;-)

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