Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bon Frakin' Jovi

Meghan went to her first concert Thursday night. (Well, she's been to dragon tales and some kid stuff, but this was a REAL concert). Deb, Meghan, Christopher's Godmother Maile and our friend Carin went. (Along with a bunch of neighbors and 1/2 the kindergarden teachers at Courtney's school, just not all together)

To set some background. Bon Jovi was popular WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL. They were more popular in College, but HIGH SCHOOL is when I first heard them. Of course 'Daughtery' opened for them, he is the American Idol almost winner from a few years ago. Meghan knew who that was.

To give you some context: Meghan is 13 and in 7th grade. My first concern was at the end of Freshman year in high school. I saw Def Leopard (yes, I know they are touring). Deb's first was Ricky Martin, well after we had Meghan and Courtney. No, I don't know why we never went to concerts together.

Deb said the crowd was mostly people in their thirties and forties. Meghan said most of the people were old 'like you guys'.

The 'Bon Frakin' Jovi' subject is a tip of the hat to Laryssa. She of course used a different word for Frak in college ;-)

(Yes I snuck a Battlestar Gallactica reference into this post. ;-)


Rich said...

My first concert was also Def Leppard and it kicked serious frakin' a$$. I've never heard this 'Frak' term but I'm liking it already.

ryssee said...

LOL I actually went to see Bon Jovi with Randy about two yrs ago! It was really fun. Yes the audience was mostly chicks in their 30s and 40s. Bless Randy for dealing with it. Saw Def Leppard a couple years ago with Carolyn-very fun! I loved them in college, um, 20 yrs ago or whatever it was now.
First concert for me? Either Billy Idol or Heart at around 18 yrs old...but didn't you go with us to U2 in Hartford? Maybe not. I had extra tickets that I scalped at UMass for $60 each. I thought for sure the cops would call.
Your girl is growing up!

Chris Curtin said...

I seem to remember being threatened with eviction from the dorms for playing Def Leopard way too loud after a certain party ...

I wasn't into U2 in college. I couldn't deal with the idiots telling everyone it was a 'religious experience' and going on and on about how wonderful their message was. I liked the music, but hated the fans ;-)

Anonymous said...

You had to say it was Ricky Martin didn't you?!?

your better half

ryssee said...

I wish you knew Pam the night I had to wash her face and put her into bed while she was singing Livin' on a Prayer at the top of her lungs in the bathroom in Sylvan.
Um Deb? Back in the day, Ricky was muy caliente!

Kimberly said...

This is so funny. We're going to see Pearl Jam in June (our first concert since U2 in 2001) and I'm VERY interested to see what the crowd will be like. I have a feeling we're going to leave feeling very old.

My first concert was Bryan Adams at SPAC (Saratoga). Lawn seats that I think I paid $10 for.