Saturday, August 09, 2008

It is good to be a boy part 3

Today I put a locking doorknob on the laundry room. When we moved into this house Meghan was just a little bit older than Christopher is now. Courtney has lived here her whole life. And we've never had to lock things down like we do with Christopher.

The dryer beeps, has a dial he can reach and he thinks it is fun to open and slam the door. Plus there are all kinds of arts and crafts things in the room to play with too. I also think he just likes to go into the small room and hide from his sisters ;-)

So now, we lock our laundry room. Upside: with it locked we give him more freedom around the downstairs since just about everything is out of his reach. For now. Did I mention he can climb really well?

I guess it is good to be a boy

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