Saturday, August 02, 2008

Teddy Bear for Molly?

As I mentioned previously, John and Katharine are in the process of adopting a baby girl, Molly.

Since we have a tradition in the Curtin family about getting stuffed animals for the nieces, Courtney saw this today and thought we should get it for Molly.

I think it is a little bit bigger than Winston, but John won't care.

(Yes, that is a 10 year old girl standing next to the stuffed animal.)

As for Christopher, he just wants tools and a new Mustang.

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Anna and Molly's Dad said...

Considering how much Anna LOVES Winston I am sure that Molly would love this one or anything else that her cousins in Atlanta send her. Hey, if Grandpa didn't scare them off there's no way a stuffed animal will! And you guys have great taste in dogs - Anna really does love playing with Winston. So long as those girls and that little boy come up to see us we'll take your monster dog and see you a new one for Christopher (but a really noisy one for sure).