Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wii Shortage a scam?

Today I waited on line to get a Wii Fit and Wii Mario Kart from Best Buy. We were there an hour before the store opened and got one of only 10 Wii Fit and 4 Wii Mario Kart 'tickets'. I think they gave out 10 or so Wii console tickets as well.

Once the store opened Courtney and I went and found another wheel and some PC software, then got on line to get our Wii games. I was the last in line who had tickets, but could hear the two guys in front of us when they got the register to pick up their games. BOTH had problems, because the non-manager people checking us out couldn't get the games.

Not that they hadn't set the 10 (or 4) aside of each, but rather we had tickets and all the ones set aside were already given out. When the first guy was up there, the girl helping him had to call a manager and I heard the manager clearly say that 'someone must be selling them without tickets', then he went in the back and came back with the games.

Same thing happens to the next guy, but he was getting a Wii console.

My turn, the girl helping me sent a guy to the back with both tickets, and only came back with the Wii Fit. Said there were no more Mario Karts. Before I could ask for the manager, she called him. Same manager as before came up, I told him I was #4 on line outside so the ticket was good. He again told the girl that someone was selling them without tickets. A few minutes later he comes back with my game.

So, why would they have games in the back, but not sell all of them? Several people outside were turned away who wanted Wii and Wii Fit. To me it sounded like they had a lot more in the back than what they were telling people. Or that they had set aside a bunch for friends and family and that was the stash they were hitting to get me my game.

I understand the logistics of a supply chain, so I know the machines and games were probably in store Thursday or Friday for sale today. I get that. But not selling what you have to your customers? What's up with that Best Buy?

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