Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer is over now

The girls have been back in school for 3 weeks now. So far no drama. Some attitude during homework last week, but nothing unusual. (Though with Meghan I do have to read the book to understand the questions sometimes. Who the heck remembers what makes an atom an isotope or not?)

Christopher survived his first week. So did Deb. Friday was much better. He cried when Deb dropped him off but his teachers said he was fine a few minutes later. He was really happy to see Deb when she picked him up, instead of crying and having to be carried (I feel sorry for the teacher who had to carry him)

Softball is fun swing. We had a scrimmage game on Thursday so I started getting back into 'Dugout Dude' mode. We had a 9 am practice on Saturday which was a little hard getting to. That was the first time we'd been out that early on a weekend since the end of school.

PSR (CCD for those who remember that term) starts on Wednesday, Girl Scouts is starting up this week and next and so are the clubs at school. So much for a little free time.

Football starts on Thursday! Go Giants! It looks like my Dad does read my blog (or may be Pat does?) since last night we got home to a box from my Dad with 5 new Giants Jerseys. (see here for why.) I'll post up pictures this week once everyone puts them on.

Here we go again ...


ryssee said...

Your dad is a nice guy!
My nieces don't start school 'til Tuesday. Glad to hear all is normal in the Curtin house!

overtly trite said...

we got lucky & baseball practice is in the afternoon on Sundays. I can't even imagine hitiing a 9am pactice!