Monday, July 21, 2008

Looks like I need a new Giants Jersey

Jeremy Shockey, who demanded a trade back in the spring, finally got his wish Monday when the Giants reportedly traded him to the New Orleans Saints. The Giants apparently got a second- and a fifth-round pick in return for Shockey.

Details here.

Dad, your grandchildren don't have current jerseys any longer (neither does your son. Deb is okay, she has a Manning Jersey ;-)


Anna and Molly's Dad said...

At least your kids have a Jersey. Anna had to make do with my oversize giant hat. Did we get Bavaro jersey's in the 80s? LT? And now Anna has to settle for wearing one of my old t-shirts (it's closer to fitting her these days ;-)

overtly trite said...

connor is a Giants fan but it is the other Manning he is clamoring for a jersey of. and I say other but in K-town Peyton is the only Manning, crazy vol fans...