Monday, July 07, 2008

Panama City Vacation - Day 2

Remember the air mattress Christopher was going to sleep on? Well it deflated and he woke up around 2 am. So he went into bed with us. God this child doesn't sleep still. By 4 am he had the whole bed except the couple of inches Deb and I had on the sides. We moved him several times and he either crawled up against my back and started pushing me (No comments Dad!) or would kick Deb in the back.

The girls slept well. We got up, had a quick breakfast and headed to the beach. The water was wonderful and everyone had a blast swimming and playing in the sand. The algae is thick, but not horrible. Christopher got hit twice with waves that knocked him off his feet, but he got up and started smiling each time. He even sat in the surf and laughed as the waves spun him around.

We went back to the condo for a late lunch, took showers and planned the rest of the day. So far, no sunburn, which is amazing for me.

After lunch Karl and I took the older kids to the grocery store to pick out the food for the dinner that the older girls were going to cook. Including a marble cake. Karl ended up cooking most of the food, including an incredible shrimp pasta. We drank some wine and sat on the balcony. Very nice and relaxing.

Around sunset we started getting the kids ready for bed, because on day 3 they are going to do an all day, behind the scenes camp at the local aquarium. Christopher had a nap, so he didn't want to go to sleep. At 10 pm someone started setting off commerical grade fireworks on the beach in front of our condo. For MOST of them we were above them, but some exploded at our level. Very thick with smoke, loud and colorful. All the more reason Christopher didn't want to go to sleep.

Remember the air mattress? Well, since that didn't work we had to come up with some place else to get him to sleep. In fine Curtin tradition, we improvised. Slight tangent here: when I was a kid we arrived somewhere in Rhode Island for our vacation and found that they didn't have our rooms ready. I don't remember why, but I do remember my Dad taking the bed apart and me sleeping on the box spring in a sleeping bag.

Why is that story relevant? Well, we took the mattress off the sleeper couch, put it on the floor in the closet in the master and that is where Christopher slept. (Pictures when we get back, I promise!). Christopher loves it. He keeps going in there to play.

We finally got everyone to sleep and went to bed.

End of day 2

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