Friday, July 04, 2008

Deb's birthday

We celebrated Deb's 29th birthday yesterday. Unfortunately I had to work most of the day so she didn't get much of a break. Pictures here.

We had the ice cream cake first, at 5 pm, because we were going to the Kennesaw fireworks.
Deb, being a 'firecracker baby' always has two have two things on her birthday: ice cream cake and fireworks. The cake was a Carvel, but not direct from a Carvel store (We don't have any here. Nor do we have Friendly's, both staples of our growing up/dating history together ;-)

Deb received a new camera from the kids and some pjs as well.

We then went to the Depot in downtown Kennesaw. Wow that place as packed! We've been going there most years for the last 15 or so and this was the busiest I've ever seen it. All kinds of people, outfits and attitudes. We met up with a number of our neighbors. We set up right next to the last row of 'reserved' tables. Left lots of room, but the people sitting in front of us were a pain in the !ss. They complained that we were too close to their chairs and that we were blocking the walkway. There was plenty of room, even more room between us and them and them and the next row of tables. Oh well, always someone to complain.

The fireworks were wonderful, but Christopher almost jumped out of his skin when they started. He tried to climb OVER me. I finally got him to sit down and I covered his ears with both hands. After a few minutes he was okay and watched until the finale. Again I had to cover his ears because it was very loud.

(Yes, we've celebrated Deb's 29th birthday a few times before. No, I won't tell you how many)

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Chris D said...

Happy 29 Deb,