Saturday, July 12, 2008

Panama City Vacation - Day 7

Our last day at the beach and we made the most of it.

We were on the beach by 9 am and in the surf quickly. The algae was back today, not in big clumps this time, but just everywhere, so you couldn't swim around it.

After about 15 minutes Christopher had enough and took off again for the pool. I went with him this time and we played for about an hour, then he got bored. We walked around for a few minutes, but he wouldn't go back to the beach. With the layout of the building, I was able to stay on the pool 'level' and get Deb's attention on the beach. She brought me a bucket and cup, then Christopher and I went back to the pool.

If you've never seen a 2 year old play with a bucket of water, it is a trip. He started by filling the big bucket with the cup, then dumping the big bucket into the pool. I of course got bored with this, so I showed him some interesting fluid dynamics tricks, including:
- turning the bucket upside down and pushing it underwater, then tipping it so the bubbles go under his legs
- taking the bucket open end up and forcing it into the pool as quickly as possible so the rushing water would splash
- dumping the bucket over my head ;-)

At one point I had 3 little kids watching and giggling as I did the bubble tricks.

Around noon the skies opened up and we had a pretty major downpour. Christopher and I stayed in the pool since we were already wet and there was no thunder or lightning. After about 10 minutes it stopped and the sun came out.

We finally figured out why he wanted to go to the pool all the time. The new 'floaties' we bought him actually keep him upright in the pool, so he can float around by himself. He had a blast just moving himself around the pool.

Around 1 we went back to the condo to shower and eat lunch. The rains kept coming throughout the afternoon. I took the girls souvenir shopping for a couple of hours.

After the fiasco last Saturday with the elevators, we loaded the duffel bags and things we didn't need on Saturday into the van right before dinner. I had no problem getting an elevator or cart this time!

For dinner we went to a kid-friendly place right on the water. Lots of burgers and chicken fingers this time. No good seafood ;-(

After dinner we went to the go cart track. Meghan and the two other girls with us had their own karts while Courtney and I shared one. I swear I had the slowest one, since we got lapped by almost everyone. Even the other 2 person carts with guys my size with kids ran away from us. After a couple of laps I gave up going fast and just screamed like a lunatic and ran the kart along the wall bouncing off stuff. Courtney thought it was fun!

We went back to condo where Christopher passed out. I stayed with him while Deb took the girls with out friends to look for crabs on the beach.

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