Friday, July 11, 2008

Panama City Vacation - Day 6

Every vacation needs a day like this. We did pretty much nothing.

Tried to sleep in, but Christopher was up and around early as usual. Deb and kids went to the beach for most of the morning. Had the 'we need to eat all this stuff, so we don't bring it home!' lunch (I'm sure we'll do that again on Friday).

The weather was hit and miss in the afternoon so we hung out playing games and reading in the condo. I TRIED to get Christopher to nap, but gave up after an hour or so.

At dinner time, our friend Paula got pizzas from Mellow Mushroom for the kids and I. Deb and Paula went out to dinner for a 'girls 1/2 night out'. Herding 6 kids was a easy, since Christopher was the only one I had to watch closely. I also got some good pizza out of it ;-)

Around 7:30 I changed Christopher, then he climbed into my lap and fell asleep. I was surprised because a few minutes before he and I were building block towers and knocking them down.

When Deb and Paula got back they took all the other kids to get ice cream while I enjoyed the quite for a while and watched an episode of CSI I didn't get to watch last fall.

The kids were exhausted so they went to sleep pretty easily.

Like I said, every vacation needs a day like this.

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