Friday, July 18, 2008

That was different ...

Tonight the little guy was overtired. When I got home from work the family had just come back from the pool and he was pretty tired.

During dinner, he decided that Mom's salad was better than his, so he ate from her disk, with his fingers. Deb really likes ranch dressing. Apparently the little guy does too. He had it all over his face and belly.

I gave him a tub to get him cleaned up, THEN he pooped. Typical little boy. Can't be clean for 5 minutes. After changing that he kind of just wandered around, bouncing off stuff, banging his head, knees etc and generally being whiny.

I took him up earlier than usual, expecting he'd play or give me a hard time. Nope. We brushed his teeth, washed his hands again and sat down to read a book. He actually sat through all of 'Goodnight Moon'.

After I turned off the light he started to do his usual routine: sit on my lap, facing out for a minute. Then placing his head against my chest for a minute, then flip flopping repeatedly until I had enough and I put him in his bed. However tonight he sat on my lap, then turned completely around and put his head on my chest and his full body on me.

I usually just make up the words to songs like 'hush little baby' but tonight I couldn't get the Adam's Family theme out of my head, so I hummed that. He looked up at me a couple of times, but eventually put his head down and passed out cold.

Compared to the fun the first part of the week with him getting out of bed, turning his light on, getting books out or throwing his stuffed animals for 30 minutes, it was nice.

But the Adam's Family? No, I don't know why I was humming it.

Now I can go watch SciFi Friday while Deb is out shopping!

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