Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Panama City Vacation - day 3

After cleaning up from dinner the other night I turned on the dishwasher and went to do other things. An hour later, the dishwasher hadn't started yet. Tried a couple of things but it wouldn't work. It wouldn't be a vacation without a plumbing problem right?

In the morning the girls went to the day camp at the marine park for their day camp. Then Deb and I took Christopher to the pool at the condo. Since Christopher can't swim or really float by himself in the ocean we put him in all his floaties and let him go nuts. He was giggling smiling and jumping into the water.

After lunch we went up to wait for maintenance to fix to dishwasher. Christopher, doing his best Curious George imitation kept watching them. And not taking a nap. 2 1/2 hours later they fixed it. Christopher still wouldn't nap.

We then went to the beach, Christopher playing with the sand and water. He didn't want to go into the water past his knees but was having a blast. The girls came back from the camp and Courtney joined us at the beach. Meghan just wanted to crash so she stayed in the condo.

The girls had a lot of fun at the camp. They were able to touch the dolphins, helped feed a couple of other animals and Courtney got to see some turtles as well.

After we all took showers and cleaned up, we went to dinner at our friend's condo. They made burgers for the kids and crab legs for the adults. Did you know that the only fish Deb will eat are crab legs?

After sunset we went on the beach to do some crab hunting and watch all the people setting off fireworks. We didn't really find any crabs, but the fireworks were good.

Remember Christopher's 'room'. Well he still loves it. When the repair guys were here he'd get bored watching them and go into the room and play with all his stuff. It really isn't as redneck as it sounds.

Finally got everyone into bed and we crashed ourselves. Tuesday is going to be a day at the beach, so hopefully no plumbing problems!

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