Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hannah Montana 3-d Glasses don't work?

I have a very pissed off tweener right now.

Seems the glasses from the theatre don't work on the TV. Both the LCD and the old tube aren't showing correctly.


I am recording it on the DVR so we'll see what we can find for new glasses.

Update: Walmart didn't have any more, but I got points for dropping everything and taking her to see if they had any.


Chris D said...

Doesn't work on the big screen here either... Updates to follow.

Sean Gleeson said...

That's because there are different kinds of 3D glasses. The ones for the theatrical release were polarized. Those only work for projected images, there is no way to get them to work with monitors or TV screens.

For the televised concert, you need anaglyph (red and blue) 3D glasses. I am certain that all the Wal-Marts are out of them. But you can still get anaglyph 3D glasses for free. See here. Hope that helps.

Mommy of 2 Girls said...

I got rooked into paying the $45.00 in the movies. it was actually $60.00 because we had a friend come. That teenager has more money then Michael Jackson ever did! Have you been to the diner yet??