Friday, October 26, 2007

Best Drinking Stories Ever

Okay, so we can't top these stories, but my brothers and I are no slouches!

I've partied with a few animals over the years (human and not), but Elephants? My favorite quote:

"No wonder they don't sell beer at the circus. Apparently, elephants like to get wasted. In fact, an outpost of the Indian army in the jungle region of Bagdogra has been under attack ever since a local herd of elephants raided the base in search of food and discovered the soldiers' entire winter rations of rum.

Since then, the pachyderms have regularly raided the base for a drink and have smashed down all defenses put up by the army, including electrified fences and firewalls."

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has a similar thought.


ryssee said...

I seem to remember a story that featured Pink Flamingos and an indoor cross-country skiing accident.
Holy moly, haven't thought about that for YEARS (although I still have the pics).

Chris Curtin said...

Oh, let us not get started with college stories. My 13 yeard old reads this sometimes!

I do remember having a bucket of 'fruit punch' and almost getting thrown out of the dorm for that.

Or playing 'pour some sugar on me' way too loud ;-)