Saturday, October 13, 2007

Meghan's 13th Birthday Party

Well, we survived Meghan's 13th birthday sleepover party. 8 girls ages 12 to 14, all screaming, talking, talking, singing, talking. And talking.

We met 3 of Meghan's friends from school and the usual crowd was here.

They stayed up way too late as usual and weren't very lady-like in the morning.

I was called 'dude' by one of them twice. Called 'sir' by another one that I've known since she as 3 who usually calls me 'mr. chris'.

I was 'duh'd' 4 or 5 times as well. Must be the age.

Did I mention they talked a lot?

Check out the Flickr site (look on the right for some pictures.)

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Katharine and John said...

Sir Mr. Chris - Dude, it was so nice of you and Deb to have a slumber party for Meghan. So do parents hosting a preteen/teen slumber party or parents of a newborn get more sleep? Probably a tie...
Katharine and John