Saturday, October 20, 2007

We have a teenager!

Meghan's 13th birthday was last week, so we officially have a teenager. We had the attitude a year or so ago, but we have the whole package now.

Seeing how she is going to be a 'challenge' for the next 7 years, we decided to 'mess' with her on her birthday. (FYI, 'mess' is so 80's. The term now would be 'jack with her'. But I'm old.)

First, we started a month or so ago asking about bringing cookies or cupcakes in at lunch. She kept pointing out that no one does that. On Monday, I asked her again what time she goes to lunch and she ignored me. Repeatedly.

On Tuesday morning, Deb asked her again and Meghan yelled at her that no one does that.

As Deb drove Meghan to school Meghan missed the sign in the yard (go to the Flickr site to see it).

Then Deb went and bought a single black/white cookie and put it in a bag with a 'happy birthday' napkin and brought it to school. After a little back and forth with the office people, they agreed to call Meghan to the office before lunch. Deb was a chicken and took off before Meghan came down ;-)

Meghan still hasn't told us what she thought when they called her down or what her reaction was when she saw one cookie.

I'm sure Meghan will try to get us back for the next 7 years, but at least we got the first shot in!

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