Sunday, October 07, 2007

High School Football, Southern Style

So I took my daughters to their first high school football game Friday night. Meghan is in middle school and Courtney is in elementary, but Courtney's school's Chorus was singing the national anthem so they wanted to go.

Wow, what a difference 20 years makes. The last High School football game I went to was probably a Thanksgiving game when I was in college. When I was at Immaculate ( we were lucky to field 40 or so kids. The school we went to (which isn't where Meghan will go, we've already been rezoned) must have had over 100. (Here is the link to Kennesaw Mountain:

Immaculate had 12 or so Cheerleaders, these guys had 20+ on each SIDE of the bleachers. They must have had 50+ total. Both schools also had marching bands. Other than college I don't think I'd seen marching bands at a football game. It was interesting to see them.

Strangely enough, both Immaculate and KMHS mascot is the Mustang.

Did I mention it was in the low 80's with a little bit of humidity? It certainly makes football different when it isn't freezing.

The game was pretty much the same. Some mistakes, some great tackles and runs. Sitting in the stands looking at all the parents, I had flashbacks to being in high school. I could see the equivalent of every parent of one of my friends or teammates there. Funny thing, most were around my age and many of them are our friends!

It was the homecoming for KMHS so they did the queen crowning etc. My daughters were kind of interested in the gowns and procession.

We left at the end of the third quarter. Unfortunately, they weren't into the game and the novelty had worn off. Maybe we'll stay later next time.


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