Sunday, October 07, 2007

Getting back into blogging

So it has been a few years since I updated the blog. Kids, work etc. got in the way.

The reason I've started again is a received an unexpected (but certainly not unwelcome!) email from a college friend Laryssa. I don't think I'd see her in over 13 years. At the bottom of her email was a link to her blog, so I went and took a look at what she's been up to. (If you're interested, her blog is at: I think that is an interesting way to let people know what is going on, so I'll try it again.

Also, as the kids get older, we have more things that people who know us might be interested in.

There will be a flurry of posts in the next couple of hours, but I promise I'll keep up with the blog!


1 comment:

ryssee said...

Very cool! :-)
It's a great way to keep an online journal too. Sometimes I think I have no life I scroll through the old posts.
Cool that you have the Curtin Clan stuff going on too!
On your family site it was funny to see the pic of John. None of Pat and his bride though! Would love to see more of your family.
Check my blog on the right hand side for links to photos on kodakgallery.