Friday, November 14, 2008

160 GB of disk for $55

Deb's computer had pretty much run out of space with all the videos and photos we are converting/scanning (more about this in a later post.) To the point where she had less than 1 GB of diskspace left.

So today I bought her a 160 GB second drive for her PC. It installed in less than 10 minutes and took about 30 minutes to copy over 20+ GB of pictures and videos.

I'm now moving her outlook PST file.

This disk is significantly faster than the current C: drive and I can already see improvements in browsing.

This is amazing since less than 5 years ago I paid over $55,000 for 200 GB of usable storage from IBM for work. Yes, the RAID chassis was a good chunk of the costs, but still I couldn't have imagined having 160 GB FREE on a computer sitting in my kitchen.

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