Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Radical football offense - A-11

This is kind of cool. A team in California needed a way to be competitive against the bigger schools in football. Since the school district was small, the chances of getting a group of large boys to play was pretty slim. Kind of like Immaculate vs. Danbury High most years.

So the coach came up with his own offense. One that didn't rely on a big offensive line or big fast running backs. Instead, it is about misdirection, confusion and having 2 quarterbacks. yes 2.

It is really interesting to watch the plays. In most of the plays the offensive line is just standing (actually they keep their feet moving, like Mr. Dunleavy taught us) looking for someone to hit.

Looking at some of the scores, I guess their defense is pretty bad because of their size, so they have to score a lot of points. Some of the scores look like professional basketball scores!

Link to the story, with videos, on Deadspin.

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