Saturday, November 15, 2008

How an engineer folds a t-shirt

While I never worked in retail (I bussed tables, washed dishes and was a 'dietary aide' as a teenager) I understand there is an art to folding shirts. This really funny article from the Wall Street Journal talks about the 'brain washing' or 'cult' of folding shirts at the Gap.

Well, I'm a geek, so my motto is 'why do something twice if you can automate it?'.

Thus, this video.

No, I don't have one of these. Yet. It is still cheaper to have the guy who comes to my door twice a week to pick up my work shirts for dry cleaning than doing it myself.

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ryssee said...

Love the video AND the article. Having retail in my background, I find I really wish I had the space to merchandise my wardrobe to its best visual advantage :-)
Unfortunately, the house is old, and the Ikea wardrobes haven't been ordered yet.
PS Randy sends ALL his laundry out!