Monday, November 17, 2008

we don't wear no mini-skirts, we just wear our softball shirts!

Well, we finished another season of softball. Courtney's team didn't do great in the regular season, but did really well in the tournament. Personally, I was most proud of them for not getting down on themselves or each other when things weren't going well.
I was again 'dug out dude', so I got to know most of the girls really well. And they got to hear me yell my head off a few times.
This year was a little different than before. To be brutally honest, the last several years the girls epitomized 'sugar and spice and everything nice' regardless of how sweaty and dirty they got. Not this year. Ah the joys of hormones.
Of course, they are all proud of not being clean and sweet-smelling. In fact, they often tried to out-boy any 10 year old boys around them. I was reminded of this during our end of season pizza dinner at one of those bouncy places. Not only did they get sweating, yelling (and a little fighting with those big boxing gloves), but they had a burping contest. They still giggled like little girls, but some burped like Shrek.
For those who haven't heard the line quoted in the title a couple of thousand times, go to a softball game and you'll hear it until your ears bleed. Other cheers here.
Full chant:
We Don't Wear No Mini Skirts We don't wear no mini skirts, We don't wear no mini skirts. We just wear our softball shirts. We just wear our softball shirts. We don't drink no lemonade, We don't drink no lemonade. We just drink our Gatorade, We just drink our Gatorade. We don't play with barbie dolls, We don't play with barbie dolls. We just play with bats and balls, We just play with bats and balls.


ryssee said...

SUCH a great post! I love it!
PS wish I could burp like Shrek.

Anonymous said...

Here's a mixed chant

We don't wear no mini skirts x2
We wear shorts and dirty shirts x2
We don't drink no lemonade x2
We scoff down green powerade x2
We don't play with Barbie Dolls x2
We just try to reach our goals x2
Sound OFF