Monday, November 03, 2008

Very busy weekend

Wow, what a weekend. I don't think we've had one this busy in a long time.

Of course Friday night was Halloween and all the kids dressed up and went out. Deb took them around, pulling Christopher in the red wagon if he got tired. I stayed home and dealt with the candy. Other than the bowl of candy corn Deb left, I did good not eating any of the candy.

Courtney had a softball tournament Saturday morning, so as soon as she got home we made her go to bed. We were all up by 7:30 and Courtney and I were on the way to the field by 8 am. It was 35 degrees out. Being a Yankee, I had all the proper clothing so she and I were fine.

First game, was close but they lost. They looked very tired and were trying to shake off the cold. We had two hours to kill, so we came home for lunch and to get Courtney to wake up. By 1:30 we were back at the field and it was almost 70 degrees!

The next two games were incredible. All the girls hit the ball hard, ran fast and had really good fielding. The umpires were horrible, but at least they sucked for both teams equally. They won both games strongly. Next game started at 6:30 at night.

The last game was tough. The girls were tired but played their hearts out. In the end they lost, but it was a great end to the season. I was again 'dug out dude' and I was yelling my head off. I basically lost my voice by the time we were done. So all day Saturday, except for about 2 hours for lunch we were at the softball field.

After the game I took Courtney for dessert and she ordered her own huge dessert. She ate about 75% of it!

Sunday started with the kids getting up way to early of course. By 1 pm I was ready for some football! Christopher had a birthday party for a little girl in his class so Deb took all the kids to it. A few people were surprised to find out we have a 14 year old ;-)

During the first game I sorted a bunch of laundry and folded socks. How many white socks do girls really need? I must have 100+ individual socks! I got about 50% through them when Christopher's Godfather, who happens to be a Dallas Cowboys fan, called and wanted to go watch the Giants and Cowboys game at 4.

So we went to our usual bar to watch the game. Joe's dad was with us and he is a total Dallas fan. Claims to be a fan since the 1960 expansion. Of course they are Dallas fans so they were talking trash the whole time. The Giants of course blew them out. I think I was a polite winner. Not!

Random thoughts from the weekend:
- you know you are a geek when you think about using Map/Reduce to sort the socks
- how many pairs of jeans do my kids wear in a week?
- why do I live in Atlanta where I can't see any good football because of the Falcons?
- 35 to 70 to 40 degrees in 12 hours, on the same field sucks
- Superbowl repeat? Looks possible

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ryssee said...

Sounds like a VERY busy but very fun weekend. The softball games sound like they were a blast and I bet it was fun and funny to have you for the coach, yelling your head off.

About the socks, I can answer that. I have at least 30 pair of athletic and 30 pair of everyday or dress socks. That doesn't even count the trouser socks and tights. You are SO in for it in a couple years. I DO have to say, it's very cool that you were taking care of the laundry!

And get that darned NFL ticket already, ok?! Aren't you on directv? It costs a lot but really, what price happiness? You should see my sweet one with all his HD football on Sundays. :-)