Friday, November 07, 2008

Frustration Free Packaging

How many times have you cut open your hand, or couldn't get a gift open because of the damn plastic clam-shells that manufacturers are using now? Or it took you 20 minutes to open the kid's birthday present because of all the little things tied, taped and wired together? I can't come up with a realistic count there have been so many.

A couple of years ago Deb bought an electric scissors to help, but it was only about 80% of the opening. (if you know someone who just had a baby, this is a great gift. They'll think it is odd at first, but after the first Christmas they'll thank you!)

Well, Amazon has heard you. Last week they announced 'Frustration Free' packaging on some of their products. Fortunately, they started with a major partner: Fisher Price! Click through to see how different the packaging is now vs. the old way.

The first use is pretty small, only 20 things, but it is a good start.

The video here is pretty funny.

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ryssee said...

Very cool and very timely with the whole green thing going on these days. Hopefully, it's the manufacturers packaging like that and not just creating trash at Amazon's warehouse.
PS-I would like the space shuttle, please.