Saturday, November 08, 2008

Taking a toddler to a movie

Deb is off on her 'girls shopping trip' this weekend and we're done with sports for now so the girls were bugging me to do something this morning.

Christopher had yet to go to a movie in a theater so I figured we'd go see Madagascar 2.

I've decided that having children leads to brain damage. Not the trick of nature to make you forget those sleepless nights, puking kids, and crying so you'll have another, no I'm talking about making your forget how hard simple things can be.

Knowing he wouldn't sit around for long we got to the theater 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Of course they had 20 minutes of previews before the movie and he started getting fidgety. By the time the movie started he was no longer wanting to sit on my lap or on the booster seat I got for him. No, he wanted to kneel on the floor, with his chin on the chair in front of us.

There wasn't anyone directly in front of us, but there was a kid one seat to the right. He kept giving Christopher dirty looks for some reason. So we moved down a couple of seats. That lasted about 10 minutes, then he wanted something to drink. Then eat. Then what his sisters were eating. He then rotated between my lap, the booster seat, standing and kneeling.

He'd sit and watch the movie for about 5 minutes at a shot. Quite the exercise keeping up with him.

As for the movie, it was pretty good. A few jokes for the parents, including a penguin with a switchblade. A lot of jokes for the kids and a decent story.

Spoiler warning: THE MOM WAS ALIVE. At first it looked like Finding Nemo and all the other Disney movies, but the MOM WAS ALIVE. Shock of shock.

If you don't have an over active toddler, I recommend this. Both girls also liked it.

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