Monday, June 30, 2008

Directv remote DVR programming

I have a new favorite toy: remote programming of my Directv DVR via the Internet.

All you do is login to their website from any computer with a browser, select the show you want to watch and it connects to your DVR and schedules it.

This came in handy when we were in CT for Anna's Christening because, like om my god Camp Rock was showing and, like OMG Deb forgot to ask me to record it. Courtney was upset, then I remembered I could do it via the web. Unnecessary hysterics avoided (for a few minutes at least).

I also like to use it when I see something at work that I might want to watch on Discovery, History or Biography channels. I'd forget about it before, now I login and tell the DVR to record.

(Minor aside showing my age, in the note to myself to blog about this, I wrote 'blog about using the Internet to tape shows'. Yes 'tape' shows. God I'm getting old.)


overtly trite said...

OMG thank god "we" are not into camp rock! he was really big into high school musical 2 for awhile which concerned me at first as I thought it was strictly a girly thing. Right now he is gung ho into wrestling that is till football starts-you live in the south you know how it gets!

ryssee said...

Hm. Did not know you could do that. We're on Tivo though, but it's directTV. time for an upgrade?
LOL. "Tape"