Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just finished cleaning, now need to pack!

Tomorrow I head to CT for my niece's baptism. Deb and the kids have been there for almost 3 weeks, so I needed to clean the house today. As I wrote previously I didn't let it get bad so it didn't take so long to clean up.

Now I just need to pack. Usually takes me 3 minutes or less for a business trip, but this time I need a suit AND some casual clothes AND some travel clothes for the drive back. Yes, I'm driving back with them. 1000 miles, 1 day, 3 kids and 1 dog. I swear I don't know how she does it a couple of time a year.

I had a pleasant surprise dealing with the bureaucracy of the Catholic Church today. I'm not sure the details behind the change, but John called me last night and asked me to be the stand in Godfather for Anna this weekend. Should be easy enough right? Nope, had to get proof that I'm a good Catholic (no 12 years of St. Joseph's and Immaculate High School, altar boy etc. doesn't automatically count).

So I called my parish this morning, ask what I had to do to get the paper and the woman was extrememly helpful. I had to call the church in Bethel to see what their 'rules' were for the paperwork first. That lady was very helpful as well. The lady from St. Catherine's here faxed the paperwork to St. Mary's in Bethel and even put my copy (with the raised seal they wanted) in a 'special' place outside the parish office in case I didn't get there before the office closed. Wow, I was expecting that to be much, much harder.

I'll have lots of pictures and stories I'm sure when we get back.


ryssee said...

Wow, a raised seal? I'm a bad Catholic and they still let me be Kelsey's Godmother. No documentation, and I swear the priest remembered me from declining communion at the wedding (um, no confession...impure). But, glad you had no problems. Church people are nice.
Have a safe trip home. Can't believe you're driving with a dog.
Oh, are you renting a car?? Thought you'd be flying up. Did Deb drive? Y'all be safe, y'hear?

Chris Curtin said...

Deb drove up 3 weeks ago with the kids and the dog. Have to love the mini-van. They did stop for the night.

I'm flying tomorrow and we'll all drive back. The dog is actually pretty good. She doesn't get sick and gets to eat McDonalds, so she's happy.

overtly trite said...

driving is easier these days with all the portable crap! With just the one we travel with dvd player, nintendo ds & a gameboy..
I always swore I wouldn't let the boy watch movies in the car but you know what for an 860+ trip comes in rather handy!

Kimberly said...

Good luck with that drive home.

Veddy interesting about the raised seal. What else does it get you? A seat up front? Entry into heaven?