Friday, June 06, 2008

Why I hate travelling

I spent 5 hours in the airport last night before I even got on the plane. Weather in Minnesota.

But that wasn't the most frustrating part. While waiting to get through security, my lane ran out of the plastic bins. 2 guys in front of me just stood there. Being an even tempered individual (no comments Deb), I noticed that they weren't doing anything, so I looked around and saw a full stack in the lane next to us.

I went, picked up about 10 of them, came back, picked up my stuff and moved on. The 2 yahoos didn't say anything to me, but several people behind me thanked me.

Seriously, how big of a deal would it be to walk 10 feet, pick up a bunch of buckets and come back?

Another reason I hate travelling. Of course being in Minneapolis for less than 13 hours didn't help. I need a couple of beers.


ryssee said...

It's the little things that can drive you crazy. I especially like the women that won't take off their jewelry.

Kimberly said...

People can be soooo dumb.