Thursday, June 05, 2008

Okay, it was a _little_ geeky

I was doing a presentation today for a local marketing association and during the presentation I was asked about challenge/response, which is an anti-spam approach that sends an email back to the sender if you're not in my address book.

I use this on my personal accounts, especially for the kids. The idea is unless you write back and I approve you, you can't send email to my kids. During my response, I said that I used it for my kids.

I said:

In fact, I created email addresses for all my kids not that long after they were conceived. I guess I'm a little geeky like that.

I thought half the people were going to fall out of their chairs.

Technically Meghan didn't get hers until a year or so after she was born. Courtney right after she was born and Christopher about 2 months before. In Courtney's case we didn't finalize the name until she was born. In Christopher's we knew exactly what his name would be.

So like I said, just a little geeky.

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