Monday, June 16, 2008

Geographic Bachelor

New term for me too. A guy a work with, ex-navy, heard I was without family the last couple of weeks and said 'oh, you're being a geographic bachelor'. I hadn't heard that one before.

He told me that when he was in the military a lot of guys on short deployments would leave the family in once place (with family or wherever they had the house) and they lived in the barracks.

While I'm sure I'm eating better then them, that is pretty much what is going on.

First task after they left: move the lazy-boy into the middle of the room, in front of the TV. Actually, that was the second thing. First was to get all of Christopher's toys out of the way.

I do keep the place clean, really. If Deb sent one of her friends over right now she'd find nothing in the sink, the laundry all clean and folded. The bed won't be made until I leave. Why make it just to mess it up again 16 hours later? Not like I have company coming over or anything.

Before I leave on Friday to go to Anna's Christening and drive everyone back, I'll vacuum one more time, change the sheets and make the bed. Everything else is pretty much clean.

Yes, I did eat something more than pizza and beer. I had chicken wings and beer tonight ;-)

4 days until I see them again.


ryssee said...

I've never heard THAT one before. Carolyn did mention that the army guys will consider a woman "desert cute" though.
Sounds like ya got the place nice and tidy. You know, you can't even have plates in the sink when you're eating out of a box. But you get bonus points for vacuuming and doing the sheets.

Chris D said...

Geobaching is a great Navy term... So is underway hot.. The more days underway the more a member of the opposite sex becomes attractive.

Chris Curtin said...

Okay, stop suggesting that while the wife is away my thoughts 'wander'.

Nice friends I've got here huh?