Saturday, June 14, 2008

Was friday 'pull out in front of Chris day'?


Another reason to hate living in Atlanta.

Yesterday I had at least 6 different people pull out in front of me on the surface streets. I expect it on the highway, but the surface streets?

I left about an hour later than usual yesterday morning since I forgot to set the alarm. Within 3 miles of my house I had the following:

- redneck in a beat up pickup truck with a trailer cut across 2 lanes of 41 in front of me and another car. I locked up the brakes and did the 'abs hop'. Guy next to me got sideways.

- guy comes out of Blue springs, cuts in front of me by maybe 20 feet, gets sideways in the right lane an almost goes into the embankment

- woman putting on makeup drifts into my lane going up the hill

On the way home from work
- clown runs the red light turning on to the highway (I'm turning left) I stop fast the guy behind me almost hits me. Squealing tires and everything

- usual fun on I-75 on a Friday afternoon

- Get off on 92 to take the backroads home, woman in an SUV decides she doesn't want to turn left in the left turn only lane, cuts across my lane and takes a right. I wasn't going that fast so I stopped before hitting her

Note that I drive a bright red mustang GT with 4 headlights, which are always on. Not a white or grey car they couldn't see.

Arrgh. Needless to say I had a few beers when I got home.


(I did see Ironman after work before going home because traffic was so bad. Very good movie.)


ryssee said...

Sounds like Boston. Must be all the yanks moving down there.
RE: "- woman putting on makeup drifts into my lane going up the hill." Novice. She's not supposed to use the mirror while she does that.

Kimberly said...

Yikes! And I thought Jersey was bad.

Anonymous said...

wow literally just 30 minutes ago someone pulled out in front of my sister and I while traveling south on 124 just north of snellville (scenic hwy.) i swear she didnt look to us coming (we're in a white car with lights on) and doesnt even stop at the middle while turning left from sams club to 124. so after my sister slams on her brakes (and horns) the person in front goes 10 mph and starts flicking us off. we finally pass her and decide to go down to janmar to go to walmart instead of turning where the idiot turned.

and also today, 2 people decided to spit on my moms car and then my dads car later. people dont look to see where their spitting. the 2nd guy then threw out a cigarette!

sorry. that was my vent for the day