Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Thoughts from 11 hours in a car

Last weekend Pat and I went fishing in Charleston. Rather than dealing with the airlines to save maybe 2 hours each way, I decided to drive. While not nearly as fun as driving one way, non stop to CT with 3 kids and a dog, it did give me some time to think.

So, some random thoughts

- which is more accurate? The TomTom GPS speed or the speedo on the mustang? Up to 70 or so they both said the same thing, above 70 the TomTom had me slower than the mustang.

- The TomTom displays a red block if you're going faster than the speed limit. Kind of cool it detects how fast you're going, kind of nagging that it shows you are speeding.

- Ethanol sucks. 26 MPG from Atlanta to Charleston with gas bought in Atlanta. 22 back, with gas bought in Charleston. Only difference: 10% ethanol in SC. I don't think I had any different traffic or average speeds

- Yes, 320 HP of American V8 muscle got 26 MPG. Still more fun than a prius ;-)

- There are still A LOT of radio stations playing 70's and early 80's rock.

- Why do people sit in the left lane, pulling a trailer, going 50 when the speed limit is 70?

- 70 to triple digits is really easy now ;-)

- Cruise control is bad. It makes you not pay attention as you come up on traffic.

- Cruise control is good. It keeps you at a set speed. Given the fun going to 3 digits and the ease, using cruise control on the wide open, no other traffic on the highway, stretches was a good thing.

- I was surprised by the lack of cops on the roads.

Like I said, random thoughts.

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