Thursday, June 19, 2008

Little Miss Matched

Last winter, may be for her Birthday or Christmas, Courtney got a gift of socks. Yes socks for a 10 year old. And she was ecstatic. Why? Because they don't match.

The company is called Little Miss Matched and they are deliberately selling clothes that don't match. The socks above are what Courtney has.

First time she wore them to school, the teacher commented that her socks didn't match and Courtney told her how they weren't supposed to! While she was polite about it, we did get an email from her teacher commenting on how 'unique' Courtney can be. Given this behavior was nothing unusual for Courtney I was surprised she sent the note.

Yes, Courtney is very much the opposite of Deb when it comes to fashion. Both have great tastes but completely opposite. I could never see Deb is something mismatched, but Courtney? Of course.

So why wait this long to blog about it? First, Seth Godin has a blog about how from a marketing perspective this is good, second they received $17 MM in funding to take it to the next level. Also, they've expanded their line and I'm sure Courtney wouldn't mind a few other items (she is quite hard to find gifts for!)

If you have tween girls, get them a set (not a pair, a set) and see what happens!

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Kimberly said...

Wow -my daughters would LOVE those! How did you know they might enjoy quirky dressing? ;-)

Thanks very much for the link - I will definitely pick some of these up for back to school.