Friday, June 27, 2008

Stone walls - it is good to be a boy part 3

When Deb drove up to Connecticut, she did it in two days, stopping the first night in northern Virginia. With this break they made it to her mom's house late afternoon the second day. When she arrived she called me, told me they made it, and that Christopher had found the stone walls.

My first thought was, oh boy, they are on their way to the ER for stitches. See, I have lots of scars from falling off walls, running into fire places, all kinds of great things I expect him to eventually do.

Instead, she told me he is taking them apart. Since I met Deb (23+ years ago) her step-father has been building (and repairing) the stone walls, stone walkways and gravel driveway. The walls have gone through a number of transformations due to snow plows, cars hitting them etc. But they hadn't seen Christopher yet.

Apparently he is picking up the smaller rocks that are between the bigger ones and putting them in a bucket. This includes the small stones on the walkway and on the driveway. He even picked up some of the bigger ones and moved them.
He is also playing IN the birdbath and helping 'weed' the flowers. For a while he was taking the rocks and dropping them into the dog pool, the birdbath and the regular swimming pool.

Then, on Sunday after the Christening, he was getting really rowdy while Deb was trying to pack, so I took him for a walk. Across the street is an industrial construction equipment rental company so we went over there to check out the toys. We looked at the front loaders, bobcats and other cool toys for a few minutes, then he saw the retaining wall.

It wasn't really a retaining wall, rather a big pile of rocks, each about the size of his head, along a hill to catch the run off when it rains.

He went running over to it and picked up a big rock with his hands. Then drops it on the driveway, just missing my feet. He then took 6 or 8 more and did the same thing. Each rock I put back, he picked up another. Finally I started tossing the rocks up the hill and they would come rolling back, he thought that was hysterical.

It is good to be a boy ;-)

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ryssee said...

I wondered what he was doing in those pics on flickr. He seemed really busy.